A tour of RENOMA department store

After World War I Wrocław began to develop dynamically. Its population increased several times and the city gained new districts. The money earned during the war was invested in trade - the infrastructure of which was located in two major streets in the city. This had to draw attention of one of the wealthiest merchant families in Germany – the Wertheims. After months of research they decided to locate their business in a district of a dense residential development. It was an optimal location between the Market Square and the railway station, filled with tenements, neighboring the newly renovated hotel ”Residenz”. The new owners’ determination shortly led to demolition of the surrounding buildings and an announcement of a spectacular architectural competition won by Herman Dernburg whose project was completed in 8 months with the use of completely new technologies and materials. 

The project was based on the principles of modernist composition combined with richness of Art Deco ornamentation. For the first time the building... 

Photo: Juliusz Sokołowski