Tour around the Wrocław Stadium

The project presented by an architectural studio: JSK – architekci sp. z o.o. turned out to be the best in a competition announced by Wrocław’s authorities: ”Project of urban-architectural development of the area of ​Drzymały St., Wrocław, for the purpose of the Municipal Stadium’s construction”. The company has an extensive experience in carrying out large-scale projects such as office buildings, airports and stadiums, most of which are located in Germany. They’re also authors of Warsaw National Stadium’s project.

The Jury appreciated the object’s interesting architectural form as well as its usability. In particular, it awarded the authors for: a unique form of the stadium, the use of modern technology and exceptional functionality of the object. The Jury highlighted the fact that the proposed form of the stadium “... provides an opportunity to create a new symbol of Wrocław”. Indeed, the new stadium isn’t only a modern object but it’s above all a multifunctional facility designed in accordance with the UEFA requirements.

Graphic materials used with a consent of Wrocław 2010 Sp. z o.o city