Shots of Modernism 


Wrocław's modernist architecture is mostly known for the works of famous German designers such as Erich Mendelssohn and Max Berg - authors of innovative projects which influenced architecture far beyond the borders of Silesia. Many of these buildings have been restored and are considered nowadays as the most admired by tourists and the most famous monuments of Wrocław. This is no longer the case when it comes to projects originating from the post-war modernist period. Although, in terms of architecture, style and innovatory approach they don't t differ from their excellent predecessors, they are often doomed to oblivion, overgrown with dirt and skipped by the visitors. The aim of the student contest “Shots of Modernism’, which took place in summer 2011, was to present a subjective look of participating students from various Universities in Poland at the modernist architecture of Wrocław, as well as to promote within the local community the characteristics of Lower Silesia's architecture dating from the postwar period, considered as an extremely valuable architectural heritage of that generation.

The competitors’ task was to capture a photo image of a building constructed in Wrocław and representing the post-war modernist style. The competition was held under the auspices of well-known and respected photographers as well as lecturers of the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology, who were at the same time members of the Jury.

While nominating the winners, the Jury paid special attention to the way the photographs captured the nature of their subject, its architectural characteristics and the context in which it was located. The organizers hope that the contest will become a contributory factor to the discussion and reflection on the importance of buildings representing the postwar modernism in the architecture of Wrocław.

At the end of a word of thanks and appreciation to the SARP Wrocław Branch for their assistance in carrying out the competition as well as to the sponsors for their financial support while organizing of the project and the prizes for the winners.

Piotr Marek – Commissioner of the ”Shots of Modernism” competition 

Czesław Chwiszczuk - lecturer at Academy of Fine Arts, President of Association of Polish Art Photographers, Lower Silesian Branch. 
Michał Duda – historian of art, employee of Museum of Architecture 
Stefan Müller - architect, professor at Faculty of Architecture, Wrocław University of Technology 
Roman Rutkowski – lecturer at Faculty of Architecture, Wrocław University of Technology, Vice President of SARP Wrocław 
Krzysztof Smyk - photographer, author of many photographs of Wrocław’s buildings 
Michał Świtalski - photographer, specialist at Academy of Photography 

Competition results 

1st prize - 450 zł + iPad 

2nd prize - 400 zł + digital photography course at the Academy of Photography 

2 x 3rd prize (ex aequo) – 400 zł + Digital Camera magazine subscription 3 x award - 100 zł

 4 x honorable mention

Additional prizes for all the winners: books, architect’s folders, DOFA 2011 festival’s catalogs.

Having given a careful consideration all the works, the Jury decided to award the following competitors:

1st PRIZE 

Author: Przemyslaw Skrzypczyk -” Nurses’ hotel”


Author: Ewa Cempel -”Researchers’ house in Grunwaldzki Square” 

3rd PRIZE (ex aeqvo) 

Author: Marta Chojnacka -” Residential, commercial and services complex in Grunwaldzki Square” 

3rd PRIZE (ex aeqvo)

Author: Marcin Osiecki-”Complex of the Institute of Mathematics and Chemistry, University of Wrocław’ 

AWARDS (equal merit):

Author: Aleksander Dwornik -”Residential and services complex at Grunwaldzki Square” 

Author: Bartek Knopek -”Dormitories Kredka and Ołówek, 69 Grunwaldzka St.’ 

Author: Stanisław Plebanek -”Bird’s eye view of Wrocław’s downtown’


Author: Aleksander Dwornik -”The building of the Institute of Chemistry, University of Wrocław’ 

Author: Agata Kaźmierczak -”Residential and commercial complex at Grunwaldzki Square” 

Author: Tomasz Sąsiada -”Residential, commercial and services complex at Grunwaldzki Square” Author: Tomasz Sąsiada -”The building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Wrocław University of Technology’ 

We would like to congratulate all the winners and thank all the participants for taking part in the competition