M3 series lecture

prof. Hrvoje Njiric (njiric+ arhitekti)

The end of modernism

Understanding architecture today inevitably leads to a series of diverse positions, ranging from utopian to pragmatic, fromordinary to heroic, from engaged to relaxed, often lookingbeyond the boundaries of the very discipline. New issueslike conditioned contemporaneity, design as substraction and deliberate rhizomatic (1) choices, point towards theend of modernism as we knew it, but we feel fine. Based on events and images, the supermodern architect interprets the present tense, thinks through visual icons, enhances defaults, manipulates reality and is skeptical towards all-embracing theories and autonomy of architecture. Beyond misused terms like “landscape”, “infrastructure” or “ecology”, there is a true interest in architecture as an operative discourse. The dawn of the new century shall witness the end of classical perspective and 3D-space, a final rejection of formalism, the end of aesthetics, a shift towards nonauthorship and termination of urban planning. A new condition of deeper architectural thinking beyond Y2K will bring a cultivation of themes like ordinariness, fragmentation, time-related process, social wellfare and mass culture. Theform will be generated, rather than designed. It was The Author who produced The Object, it is The Interdisciplinary that defines The Process. Combinations of analogue and digital will proliferate. Imaginative, client-oriented re-programming will be appreciated as a reliable strategy. The “faith in fakes”, the exclusion of architecture from every practice grounded on morphology, composing with readymades, taming infrastructure, merging corporate brands and shaping of consumers’ culture will be the points of departure for the profession. An architecture “just there”.

Hrvoje Njiric


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