Nowe Żerniki debate 

How to avoid fences? 

Date: Wednesday 3.10 

Time: 6.30 pm 

By: Michał Duda 

Place: Museum of Architecture 5 Bernardyńska St.

Designing a model housing estate in Wrocław Żerniki is about to enter the final phase. Within a few months a two-dimensional model will turn into a complete project consisting of residential and public buildings, common space with small architecture and recreational areas. The challenge the authors face is to develop high-quality space which will enable to create social interactions and integration of residents. The question of how to implement these principles in real life is still open. Therefore, being still at the beginning of the key stage, it is worth to reconsider how the entire estate should function and what it should look like. How to arrange the space so that the residents feel safe, yet the area isn’t close and transformed into an enclave available for chosen ones?