Borek housing estate

Date: 30.09 (Sunday) 

Tour by: dr. arch. Agnieszka Tomaszewicz, Faculty of Architecture, Wrocław University of Technology

Borek housing estate – the oldest suburban, residential area of Wrocław, delimited in the early 70s of the nineteenth century, located in the southern part of the city between today’s Aleja Wiśniowa St., Ślężna St., Aleja Dębowa St. and Powstańców Śląskich St. It has been one of the most popular areas in terms of Wrocław inhabitants residential preferences, therefore it’s worth to learn about the buildings which contribute to the unique ambiance of this place and – at the same time - illustrate all stages of its development. During the tour we will present the history of selected, individual houses as well as the whole estate’s background since 1871 until today. The journey will end at the water tower of Aleja Wiśniowa St, where we would talk about its architectural form.