Terraced house on Stefczyka St.

Date: 04.10 5.00pm - 6.30pm 

Tour by: Katarzyna Hawrylak-Brzezowska 

Meeting place: 70 Stefczyka St.

Biskupin residential area, formerly Bischofswalde, was incorporated in 1928. The project of Villenkolonie Bischofswalde (Biskupin residential colony) is reflected by local plans dating from 1930. In addition to single and semi-detached villas, in the area there are also modest multifamily buildings: two-storey ones (and along Wilhelmshafenerstraße, or Olszewskiego St. three storey ones) of two or three apartments (two- or three-bedroom) on each floor, designed for low-income tenants. Further construction works in the area progressed very quickly – the existing network of streets is marked already on plans dating from 1936 where a visible layout of multifamily buildings with a line of backyard gardens can be clearly seen. In the mid-30s a tram line to Biskupin was open. 

The residential area of a Stefczyka St. varies in terms of functional and altitude-related disposition. The terraced house of 70 Stefczyka St. is the second in a row of five from Jackowskiego St. side. It’s a two-storey building with a basement and a gable roof. A two-bay floor plan of the building with a separate traffic route, a kitchen and a sanitary facilities in one bay and rooms located in the second one. On the ground floor: kitchen and a dining-area connected to the garden. On the first floor there two bedrooms and a small room in a the traffic route. The house of 70 Stefczyka St. has undergone various modifications, reflecting functional expectations of its users.