Cities for People

Documentary DVD 

duration: 57 min. 

16: 9 format 

Danish, subtitles in English

World-renowned Danish architect Jan Gehl takes viewers on a tour through many Scandinavian cities presenting good and bad examples of decorated streets, urban space arrangement and its neighboring environment. Gehl uses them to show how we can actually design the "ground floor" of cities while taking into account the human scale. Jan Gehl proves that the way we plan and design streets, squares and how we manage the city traffic affects our behavior and well-being. 

Architecture is not simply a question of how to combine stone, glass, concrete and wood in order create a building. The space between buildings - the public space - is much more important than the buildings themselves. Through architecture and urban planning we can create a good atmosphere and spatial order adapted to human senses and behaviors. If we design a city based on the average walking speed of 5 km/h, and organize a meeting space – we move people closer to each other to experience the joy of co-presence. Jan Gehl suggests that a good architecture and planning can ensure safety and reduce crime and devastation. If you build or restore according to Gehl’s principles you support the social and economic sustainability.

Directed by Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen. More information on

Tuesday 02.10

DKF Wrocław University of Technology

University Main Building A-1

Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego St., room 329

Tuesday 7.00pm - 8.00pm Cities for People

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