Date: 17.10

Time: 5:00pm

Place: Museum of Architecture

Vora is an architectural studio, operating in Barcelona since 2000. It is headed by Pere Riba and Toni Buil - graduates of ESTAB (Escola Tecnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona) in 2000.

Until 2010 a Branch in Lisbon was co-managed by Jordi Fornells.

We are engaged in construction projects and urban design of various types and scale. Our projects are award-winning and published in architectural journals around the world.

We combine professional work with teaching, curator’s and cultural activities.

vora (in Catalan - edge, border):

Site or the shore line area, or the farthest part from the Centre, reaching its border. In heraldry, the edge line of the shield. Land area adjacent to rivers, lakes or seas. Sewed and stapled edge of a fabric. The final part of a fragment of a cloth, made of the same material but of different motives. Holes in Jacquard boxes corresponding with needles designed for sewing edges of the fabric. In a very small distance, close. Close to.