Open seminar with participation of Krzysztof Nawratek

Seminar organized as a theoretical part of the City in Motion, right at the end of the Festival, will be an attempt to summarize solutions that are being implemented in other cities in Poland, Europe and all over the world, of course taking into account differences in political systems as well as social, cultural or economical aspects.

The seminar’s guest of honor will be Krzysztof Nawratek - architect and architectural theorist, author of many books, such as: City as a political idea of nitpicking. Introduction to urban revolution. He teaches architecture at the School of Architecture & Design in Plymouth. During the Festival, will give a lecture on mobility - not just a social phenomenon.

Invited guests: Giancarlo COTELLE (Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning, Turin), Derek Martin (International Federation for Housing and Planning, The Hague), Izabela Mironowicz (Wrocław University of Technology), Maciej Hawrylak (Wrocław University of Technology)

Date: 15.10

Time: 6:00pm

Place: New Horizons Cinema