Author: Katarzyna Dobiecka

Year of realization: 2014

A modern LED lamp framed in wood and twine – such is a recipe for LED IT BE - a lamp which can be used in various interior space types.

Jury’s review:

 For a consistent combination of an innovative idea with a sophisticated aesthetic detail

2nd Prize

Cafe Bistro Bar "Le Chef"

Address: Wrocław, 31 Więzienna St.

Realization: FilMir sp. z o.o

Author: 3XA sp. z o. o.

The restaurant is divided into 3 zones: a breakfast area, a coffee area and a dining area. The zones are determined by the existing division of premises into smaller rooms and connected with passages underlined with mustard-colored bands. It is the only color used in the interior. Other colors are subdued towards gray or graphite and the flooring is in natural pine wood color. At the end of the consumption hall there is a mirror which optically enlarges the interior and extends the bar. Decorative elements in minimalist style consist of one or two color cushions and lamps made of jars.

The Jury’s review: 

for a proper sense of space and a skillful introduction of new items into the existing interior keeping the character of the place.


uiliuili- not only to sit

Author: Piotr Żuraw

Urban furniture - an unique, sculptural object with the functionality of a seat

address: University Library in Wrocław, 12 F. Joliot-Curie St., 50-383 Wrocław

Investor: University of Wrocław

contractor: 3DESIGN Lab,

Date of realization: July 2014

Jury’s review:

for an attempt to transform the classical bench form into a multifunctional sculptural object



Wojciech Chrzanowski - CH+

Sylwia Sikora SARP Wrocław – przewodnicząca

Urszula Smaza - Gralak ASP Wrocław

Jakub Woźniczka - Kameleonlab