OCTOBER 7, Wednesday

2.00 pm - 8.00 pm


Wrocław, 19a-21 Kazimierza Wielkiego

A very important issue for each agglomeration situated by a river is the use of already existing spots linking the urban tissue and water. In the case of Wrocław, while slowly changing, the city spilled along the Odra river and its canals, not always taking care of the way it’s linked with water and not always using the natural landscape system to strengthen this unique feature of the surrounding space.

It's high time we look at these interrelations, well visible in historical areas of the city but poorly developed in large, new housing estates where proper city-water relationships haven’t been established due to lack of place or lack of interest from housing associations. Undoubtedly, there are various factors which should be recognized, evaluated and appropriate solutions should be proposed. Such will be the guideline of the seminar and, the day after, an open a public debate, attended by representatives of the municipality, professionals and influential communities focused on the development of Odra and the river’s bank.

Urban-suburban, natural-developed, hard-soft, high-low, accessible from the water-accessible from the mainland – such oppositions could be a starting point to a discussion about the riverside development and its potential use.


In the city there are already various coastal attractors: marinas, harbors, floating platforms, amphitheatric descents, volleyball pitches, beaches. But maybe it should be rather booksellers and all kinds of entertainment and shopping stalls, fairs, etc.? Let's think where and what activities it should be so that it doesn’t lead to war between local communities and visitors from “the city” as it has recently happened on Słodowa Island- closed by the authorities for grand student events due to night noises disturbing local residents. Should the city could disturb its citizens, ban their activities - even the most crazy ones, the night ones? Couldn’t Wrocław have its own Soho, like London? And if it could - where? Of course, it would be the best to have it in London as it would be far and not bothering anyone. Yet, in the city center it does bother! Then maybe near the Forum of Music? It is true that we would no longer have such an opera (Forum) as in Oslo, where it is possible to freely walk on the roofs of being an extension and enrichment of public space, but perhaps a more open to the moat, especially that it’s the southern side - more welcoming, sunny.

Let us consider how Wrocław perceives the spots linking it with water, and what rules and principles guide other cities; what conclusions can be drawn from their experience and how to apply them in our reality, taking into account the obvious differences.

dr. arch. Maciej Hawrylak

President of SARP, Wrocław branch

DOFA Chairman