Residents of Wrocław have often had the opportunity to seek free advice of various professional groups such as lawyers, doctors and others. We would like to propose meetings with architects whose work is associated not only with urban planning, designing houses, but also with revitalization of monuments. Undoubtedly architecture is related to many areas that are inherently a part of our daily lives.

We want to give you an opportunity to hear professional opinions on matters of interest to you would connect to architecture - in the individual, home-related context as well as in a broader sense.

For this reason we have invited a group of eminent architects, who, during one festival day, will help you to analyze bothering your problems and will advise how to resolve them in the best way.

In the headquarters of the Lower Silesia Regional Chamber of Architects will meet with, among others:

Zbigniew Maćków

Marcin Major

Roman Rutkowski

Rafał Specylak

Dorota Szlachcic i Mariusz Szlachcic

Kuba Woźniczka