Modelling workshops carried out on the board of the Odra River Museum FOMT fits in this year's DOFA slogan - "City flows". The objective is to “polish” manual skills of children aged 6-10 years, for which the workshops have been organized, as well as to develop technical thinking and planning by building structures so close to architecture. The model itself will not be an example of architecture - as a result of children's works a paper mock-up of the "Nadbor" steamer (one of the ships owned by the Odra FOMT Museum) will be created.

The steam tug "Nadbor" is a witness of history, part of the tie between Odra and Wrocław – linkage between urbanism and landscape. It was created in the Netherlands in 1949. On the route Kędzierzyn-Koźle - Wrocław it used to lead barges filled with coal and other raw materials. At the same time it was home for its captain’s family. It is for such units that sluices, dams, ports and shipyards as well as architectural infrastructure of Odra were created. "Nadbor" is therefore “fruit” of this space, an element connecting the city with the river.

During approximately 2-hour classes children will learn how life and work on “Nadbor”’s board. They will visit its over 60-years-old engine room, the boiler room and the old captain's cabin. Then they will create its spatial model. The classes will take place on board of another historic ship: a floating crane "Wróblin". 

Text and tour by: Wioletta Wrona-Gaj, FOMT

Photo: Wioletta Wrona-Gaj, FOMT