Water - solid, fluid, gas state – interactive state. Interactive state is the one in which matter runs a dialogue with human - exchange of words, which is in the process of conversation affects both  the human’s and the matter’s behavior. The workshop explores natural properties of H2O present naturally in environment and affecting its use within the human’s habitat. The analysis is enriched by an element of new technologies, which, used in projects, give architecture a dimension of variability, mobility, impermanence and liquidity. The task of the workshop’s participants will be to develop a concept of urban space in which water in its interactive state is the main building matter. Each group will focus on another area of ​functionality in which a human is not only a user, but also a creator who determines various forms and shapes of environment.

The outcome developed in a form of drawings, collages, visualizations and models provide a rich spectrum of space perception created with the building material of water in its interactive state.

  The workshop will be complemented by development and construction of an interactive installation MIST demonstration of which will take place during the open air announcement  of workshops results.

Text and lead: LAX laboratory for architectural experiments (Arch. Arch. Anna Grajper, Sebastian Dobiesz)

The project was selected for implementation during the "Open Call DoFA'15" competition for festival related activities.

Illustration: LAX laboratory for architectural experiments (arch. arch. Anna Grajper, Sebastian Dobiesz)