During last year’s edition of “ City’s acupuncture”, organized by SARP, Wrocław branch and as a result of a cooperation set at that time with the teaching staff Wrocław‘s Primary School No. 50 at Czeska St a concept of supporting the school in its pursue of a new project for development of the neighboring areas has been created.

The Primary School No 50 which belongs to Wrocław’s Różanka district is a large object teaching more than 800 pupils. Despite a wide spectrum of sport facilities (gym, pool) as well as its reasonably organized interior, the immediate environment leaves much to be desired. Despite the management’s willingness to undertake modernization works that will include both the school and the area belonging to it, they have so far failed to start the whole procedure. As usual, there were many formal and legal aspects blocking the process. In order to be co-financed, local development plan, among others – should be presented.

Interdisciplinary student workshops organized during DoFA 2015 will be the first attempt to "identify the ground". A group of students with the support of tutors from Wrocław Universities will develop, having completed necessary analysis and observations, their local development concepts for the area around the school. Results of their work will become basis for startup of funds necessary to achieve the goal.

We hope that this cooperation will bring real results, and in this particular case, the imminent theory will be reflected in practice.

Text: arch. Daria Kieżun

Photo: Sylwia Sikora