Dorota Szlachcic and Mariusz Szlachcic - another duo on the Wrocław’s firmament, rewarded by the Association of Polish Architects, Wrocław Branch, with the Honorary Award. The choice was simple, and yet not easy, as usually when it comes to assessing colleagues’ achievements and comparing realizations differing in terms of social, economic or political conditions they originated in. Especially when we deal with a larger group of co-workers, like in this case :Renata Gajer (co-owner of ArC2) Jacek Więckowicz or Robert Budny – most often cooperating partners in the company, it’s difficult to determine precisely a duo’s part in a trio, quartet or quintet’s part. Although the above mentioned factors may always lead to questioning the final decision, fortunately, this year it was easy, because the winners had already achieved spectacular successes sealed with a great project of Africarium in the Wrocław Zoo, awarded also in other competitions.

The recipients of this year Honorary Award made their first steps as architects  in the previous political system. Fortunately, it was late enough not to influence their creative attitude. In any case, this cannot be noticed in their projects, even though the late '80s were a very devastating moment for many active architects. Maybe it was already too late for them to absorb the dominant belief that nothing was possible and nothing could be done or, simply, they were not keen on the postmodern style but sought their own means of expression - their own style. Their unique sense of architecture with so typical of their style - cubist quivering and diverse use of materials - is mostly represented by the residential complexes: “Pod Skrzydłami” ("Under the Wings") and „Na Skrzydlatej”  ("On the Winged).

Always together (though sometimes separately), always going in one direction and always stressing that it’s not the hard work and effort – so typical of our profession, but a passion and love for creating Architecture. Architecture with a capital A. Whatever they undertook, it always had to lead towards one goal. This is what they focused on. From the very beginning, as they point out, they never applied patterns of others, but they created their own ones. They didn’t practice in any office- they only watched and had long conversations with their "guru" Stefan Müller – the winner of the first Honorary Award in 2011. And, as we know, this is a solid piece of pattern – one could argue with about ... everything. And just as Stefan Müller, this year's winners don’t focus only on design. While Stefan has worked with numerous representatives of various communities seeking his own means of expression, the duo’s activities are also connected with architecture, but placed differently. Looking for their own ways of implementing architecture they introduced a formula of full realization and, consequently, the are the first winners involved in the complete process of creation: from a concept, through financing, to the execution of their projects.

Relatively early they started to feel the taste of their own business in the form of awards and prizes. Since 1999 they’ve been present as participants as well as recipients of honors and trophies in the “Lower Silesian construction of the year” competitions organized by PZITB (Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians). The only competition available at that time. And, almost every year, there were among the winners or the honored ones. This is a consequence of a large number of projects they’ve completed. They started with Ołtaszyn Park but then there were also other important housing projects: “Pod Skrzydłami” ("Under the Wings"), “Grabiszynek” and „Pogodne Krzyki” (“Sunny Krzyki”).

Only in 2005 the Chief Architect of Wrocław Peter Fokczyński reactivated a contest for the most beautiful building in Wrocław, once known as "Mister Wrocław," and today named "Beautiful Wrocław". The Chamber and SARP representatives’ participation in this competition is more ennobling for architects. And so, in 2005, a new era in honoring ArC2 and its designers began. Initially it was the prize for the multifamily residential at Rymarska St., and later the very Grand Prix (and related to the grand prix first prizes in each category): in 2006 for the estate “Pod Skrzydłami III” ("Under the Wings III") in 2008 for Park Ołtaszyn II, and, in 2015,  the third prize for the Krzycka – Przyjaźni residential complex and the Grand Prix for the Africarium - Oceanarium.  They’ve won three out of ten Grand Prix (the number of editions until now) in this prestigious competition. Which adds up to 30% - enough for the controlling share, as the second in order, also a winner of the Honorary Award of SARP Wrocław - Zbigniew Maćków has "only" 2 Grand Prix and the other winners one each. This is a good summary of this year's winners’ achievements.

Their non-architectural activities have also been reflected by awards. In 2009 they won „Orły Polskiego Budownictwa” ("Eagles of Polish Construction") in a competition organized by Europa 2000 under the auspices of the Ministry of Infrastructure, in the category of architectural, engineering and geodetic (sic!). This is a reward for their ability to run multiple operations. Perfection in every field. They also seek challenges by taking part in competitions and so they win: awards and honors. In 2008 they received the first prize in an international competition for a concept of architectural-urban complex of life-giving waters of Africa (Africarium - Oceanarium) in Wrocław’s Zoological Garden which resulted in creation of a numerously awarded  building. This project entered the final stage of a prestigious competition "Life in Architecture" organized by Architecture Magazine, under the patronage of President Bronisław Komorowski. They also received the first prize in Friendly Public Space competition, organized within the framework of DOFA 2014 for their project of the ZOO’s entrance pavilion and a honorary award in 2011 for “Pod Skrzydłami IV” ("Under the Wings IV").

They take part in competitions which focus on development of important parts of Wrocław. They have won the first prize in the contest for an offices complex located in Jana Pawła II Square.

In 2013 their output was presented in the Museum of Architecture . This year their project “House of Architect” (located in Park Kleciński) represents Poland " in the exhibition dedicated to single detached houses of the Visegrad Group "V4 Family Houses 2014". The exhibition is scheduled to be presented in all member countries.

Their rich and diversified artwork – a firm part of the Wrocław’s architectural landscape fully deserves to be distinguished with Honorary Award of SARP Wrocław.

Dr. eng. arch. Maciej Hawrylak

DoFA Chairman

President of SARP, Wrocław Branch


arch. Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak

arch. Maciej Hawrylak

arch. Wojciech Jarząbek

arch. Zbigniew Maćków

arch. Jerzy Tarnawskiarch