The Association of Polish Architect (SARP), Wrocław branch, once again organizes a Regional Review of Architecture BAZA 2015 – an event which accompanies DOFA Festival and a general assembly of SARP, Wrocław branch.

Architects have an opportunity to present their projects or implementations. They can also learn about works carried out by other members of our Association.

The main purpose of the Review (organized regularly every three years (and this time covering the period of 2012-2015) is a diagnosis of architecture emerging in the region of Lower Silesia, presentation and promotion of creativity of architects as well as analysis of our environment’s base.

Participation in the Review is voluntary and open to every architect operating in the Lower Silesia region.

Every architectural studio has an opportunity to present their work the form past three years.

Due to a limited, available exhibition space as well as to ensure that the presentation is not dominated by the largest companies, the number of projects submitted by individual authors has been limited. Therefore, unfortunately, not all objects completed in recent years have entered the competition.

Due to the Review’s nature - giving a chance to everyone, even these who just start their professional activities as architects – it’s not a typical contest. Submitted works are difficult to assess and compare because of the diverse size, nature or financing methods. Nevertheless, the organizers decided, as always, to grant awards, stressing, however, that awards informs only about the fact that some participants have been noticed and that their works could be singled out among others. Each presented project is a testimony of architect’s work and deserves attention and recognition.

Just as in the previous edition of the Review, we show the best theses presented at the Faculty of Architecture of Wrocław’s University of Technology, awarded and distinguished in three editions of SARP Wrocław Diploma Award of the Year and in two editions of Engineering Technology Diploma of the Year.

We invite to the Review related exhibition at the Museum of Architecture, held between 2-30 October 2015. We also encourage all architects to take part in the next Review’s edition.

On behalf of the organizer

Commissioner of the exhibition

Arch. Bogdan Kaczmarzyk

vice president of SARP, Wrocław branch