City flows

This time we will focus on the city’s relationships with water. After the last year’s CITY IN MOTION this is a natural “change of scenery”. Wrocław’s identity has been strongly tied with the Odra river, formerly through its industrial potential, and today - following cities such as London, Hamburg, Amsterdam and others - by revitalizing industrial areas located by the water and creating there a new, modern image of the city. We can already admire effects of projects referring to this post-harbor history.

The 2015 DoFA Festival aims at taking up these issues and - through a number of interdisciplinary activities - trying to answer the following questions of how to make the most of the potential of the city located by the Odra river and how to integrate its bloodstream with the living urban tissue of Wrocław. We invite you to participate in DoFA'15 in order to co-create the Festival.