Show me where you work and I’ll tell you who you are – this is how the well-known adage could be paraphrased by substituting home with the workplace. Without much exaggeration, an architect’s studio is as important as his home – perhaps even more? Contrary to appearances, the studio is a very personal space, although it is shared with colleagues instead of family members (sometimes they happen to be the same people). Designing architecture together, solving problems, creating new values, arriving at optimal solutions as a group, sharing both successes and failures – it brings together not just people, but also people and the places where it is happening. For this reason, the studio matters, maybe even as much as whatever emerges inside it.

The exhibition is intended to allow a glimpse inside the places where Wrocław’s architects work, i.e. their original and interestingly-organised design studios. Some of them belong to large architecture firms that are instantly recognisable to the inhabitants due to the lasting trace left by their work on the urban tissue; others house smaller companies at the beginning of their way towards recognition and stable existence. They have been selected based on their variety and uniqueness. These studios differ because their owners differ, but also because they are located in unique places: in objects on the verge of collapse that have undergone an almost complete overhaul, in brand new buildings, or in spots reclaimed from seemingly banal and dilapidated housing areas.

Thus the exhibition has primarily architectural value – it shows objects designed and used by architects themselves. Its overarching idea is to present different varieties of well-functioning architecture studios where many (or just a few) people work.


Exhibition curator: Beata Stobiecka

Invited architectural studios:

_ArC2 Fabryka Projektowa



_APA Hubka


_Maćków Pracownia Projektowa

_MAJOR Architekci

_Pracownia Architektury Głowacki