The Industria Student Association for Industrial Heritage Protection invites to an exhibition depicting the raw aesthetics of industrial architecture.

Mamut bakery, photo by Kamila Warać

The city is more than just the tenements, market square and town hall. It is an entire urban complex with factories and industrial facilities dating back to many years ago. We tend to forget about their contribution to the development of cities in the 19th century. Without them, many splendid churches, beautiful palaces, countryside residences and tenements would not exist. The presentation highlights the non-obvious beauty of industrial buildings, many of which we pass by without truly seeing them.

The exhibition is an opportunity to look inside some unusual and mysterious structures, such as the Świątniki pumping station, the Mamut bakery or the City Port in Wrocław. We will show crude interiors hiding complicated production lines and gigantic machinery. The presentation focuses on topical subjects that directly influence the urban space and identity of Wrocław. We captured the moment of tearing down the warehouses in Tęczowa St, we recorded the happening organised to save the grain elevator in Rychtalska St. The exhibition also features scale models of industrial complexes, showing both their current forms (e.g. the water tower in Na Grobli St) and reconstructions (e.g. the Marchia Railway Station). For the youngest visitors to the exhibition there will be an industrial jigsaw.

The project has been prepared by the students and PhD candidates of the Faculty of Architecture of Wrocław University of Technology and the Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences of Wrocław University belonging to the Industria Student Association for Industrial Heritage Protection.

Text by Aleksandra Kozaczek