The architectural firm Studio Widoki has only just been established, although its existence has not been yet confirmed. However, the founding duo of Łukasz Stępnik and Milena Trzcińska have been around for a long time and made a name for themselves in the architectural community. It is they who are behind Kwartalnik Architektoniczny RZUT, and it is their texts that you may have read in Autoportret, Przekrój or Gazeta Wyborcza. They are also the ones who teach at the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology. They have worked in Polish and foreign offices, where they co-designed projects such as Browary Warszawskie (JEMS Architekci), Planet Lem (JEMS Architekci) or the Warsaw Social District (BBGK Architekci).

Łukasz Stępnik will be a panellist of the discussion #2, and together with Milena Trzcińska are one of the authors of the works presented at the AMBULATORIUM exhibition.

Photo: Zofia Piotrowska